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Dream Bound

Series: Tasier, Book 1
Genre: MM Gay Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 24, 2024

Besides the occasional pang of loneliness, I really was content with my orderly existence until, one day, a chance encounter with a psychic turned my life sideways. And before I knew it, I got caught up in a secret organization of individuals with special powers and discovered my hitherto unknown parents. But most surprising of all… who would have thought I’d actually meet a man I've been dreaming about all my life?

My life is really quite complete… with a childhood full of adventures, a membership in a cool secret organization, sometimes annoying but fabulous special abilities, and, of course, the love of my life. Except there is just a slight problem. My love shares his dreams with me, but does not seem to remember me in real life.

Darkness casts shadows over us. Hidden threats try to tear us apart. Will we find a way to be with each other and fight against the darkness?

This is Part I of the series set in the universe of a secret organization named Tasier. Part I’s adventure belongs to Joon and Trey.

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